Brick Walls

David Stevens/Stephens:

My 2nd great-grandfather.

Who were his parents? DNA testing has revealed his parents to be indeed William Stephens and Anna Waggoner.  William Stephens parents were William Stephens (1770) and Rebecca.
When did he die?   Found his probate papers that have him dying in 1898.
Where is he buried? While this question remains, I have created a Find A Grave memorial for him as the year of his death is now known.
He only shows up for sure in one census record; 1880. I think I found him in the 1870 census in Vanderburg County, Indiana, but can’t confirm.
He has been confirmed in the 1860 and 1870 census records.  We have also found his marriage records to Jerusha Stroud and Minerva Ball.  Cousin Kris Bernard also found a death notice for him in a newspaper.  Edna Stevens Barnard, David’s daughter, had said that David killed himself, and the death notice confirmed this.

Leah Rhae Ruby:  Found!  Found as well her descendants.  (Read below)

The only child of the youngest child of my 3rd great-grandparents, Silas Nelson Ruby and Emilene Jane Kellog.

I’ve been able to follow her through census and marriage records, but haven’t been able to find a death record for her. Her last (that I know of) husband is buried in the Lockhart City Cemetery in Lockhart, Caldwell County, Texas under a headstone that bears both their names–his with dates of birth and death, hers with only her birth, no date of death. Is she buried there? Did she remarry after his death and move to a different state?

*The following is added 12 Nov 2014

Leah was not the only child of Frederick Walter Ruby.  While trying to find more information on Fred and his wife, Evalyn, I found a death certificate for a Mabel Ruby Fowler, born in Michigan, died in San Antonio, Texas in 1972.  Her Texas death certificate lists her father as Frederick Ruby, and I’ve documented her with her own individual post on the main pages of this blog.  Leah Rhae Ruby’s grave has been found, including a headstone, in the New Tacoma Cemetery in University Place, Pierce County, Washington.  She’d remarried, as I’d been sure she had, been left a widow yet again, and moved to Washington state near her only child, Elizabeth Rhae Jeffery.

Frederick Crow HS

Silas Nelson Ruby:

My 3rd great-grandfather.

He appeared out of the mists of time and married my 3rd great-grandmother. He was a sailor on Lake Huron. His death certificate states his father was Francis Ruby, but I haven’t been able to find a male of that name in Pennsylvania, Maine or Michigan, the places he claimed to have been born according to census records. His death certificate also states that his body was taken to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to be buried. Why? He died in Port Huron. There were other Ruby families in Michigan during Silas’ lifetime: a man named Elisha Ruby moved to Michigan with his family from New York and settled in Macomb County, Michigan. Elisha was the right age to be Silas’ father and had a son named Francis E. I followed this family, thinking they were related to Silas, but could find no proof, so he remains a brick wall.


Silas Ruby DR

Emilene Jane Kellogg:

My 3rd great-grandmother.

Her parents are unknown. All census records for her have her born in Michigan in the 1820’s. There was only one Kellogg family in St Clair County where Jane, as she was called, lived most of her life. Benjamin Kellogg is enumerated in the 1830 census living in the town of St Clair. He disappeared shortly thereafter.

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