My name is Denise Lemon Knapp and I am passionate about genealogy.

I started back in the mid-’80’s when I was given two copies of Knapp genealogy. The first copy turned out to be almost useless, but I didn’t know that. The second copy, ah, that was a gem. While it was filled with errors, it was still much more accurate than the generic “A History Of The Knapp Family Name”, which I literally spent years trying to connect families from it to the families in that second copy. I’ve still not been able to make the connections, but I haven’t thrown it out.

That second copy was a treasure trove of names and dates and places which I have since been able to verify or discard with the help of the internet.

In 1997 my father’s twin brother, Richard Lemon, moved closer to where I lived and got me started working on our Lemon tree. I’d had no idea he’d been doing some sleuthing on his own for many years, and he’d managed to accumulate a good bit of knowledge. Once he got me involved and the internet became more accessible we really took off and the information started trickling in. We found a source in Canada that gave us much information on a tricky maiden name that had been handed down to his father, my grandfather, and using fax machines and email, we made great strides.

My Uncle Dick passed away in 2003 and I half believe he’s up there somewhere helping me with our family. Without him, none of this work would have been possible. I have the Lemons documented and am now working on my mother’s side of the tree, which is proving to be harder.

I’m a retired nurse, live in Michigan, have 3 grown sons and 10 grandchildren, and this year we added our first great grandchild, a girl named Bella. If I’m not on the computer, I’m cooking, singing, reading, laughing, and enjoying this most fruitful time of life, when the heavy burdens of raising children and keeping house have eased and it’s just my husband and I enjoying the peace and quiet. We have family over often and I frequently bore them to tears with my stories of their assorted ancestors. They are all kind and pretend to be listening most of the time.

I try to help others with their search for their own families. I’m becoming a fiend for documentation and sources and try to work on those a little every day.

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  1. onlyarethusa says:

    Is that your correct email address, Keith? Do you have a private tree on Ancestry? Many members of my family have DNA matched someone called “kinhunter” on Ancestry and GEDmatch.
    Anyway, I wanted to email you, but wasn’t sure if that was a valid email address. I visited your site, which is lovely.
    I’ve not done a single lick of research into the genealogy of George Milliken, I’m sorry. But perhaps it’s time. I’ll start a public tree for him on Ancestry and see what I can find for you.


  2. Keith Hunter says:

    Ms. Knapp,

    I came across your website while attempting to ascertain the genealogy of George W. Milliken. He was hanged for the murder of his wife and Hester Anna Deweese sentenced to 50 years. It was an interesting story, but I was hoping you might know something of George Milliken.

    Please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  3. onlyarethusa says:

    I’ve emailed you, Tammy. I documented your family on WikiTree last year. Is that how you found me? In the email, I gave you links to their profiles on WikiTree and how I found them, again, on Family Search and Ancestry. What an odd coincidence that you live in Michigan, too! I’d have never in a million years guessed that one of Sam and Lillie’s descendants would be in the same state I live in. They’re West Virginia people. 🙂 Thank you for contacting me.

  4. Tammy L.Hicks-Scott says:

    I am the granddaughter of Sam.P.Lemon & Lillian H, McIntyre -LemonI am Patrica A. Lemon daughter.I have found and visited my great grandparents on the McIntyre sides grave , I have no info on the Lemon nor McFadden side . Can you lead me in the right way Thank you very much for any info. My address is [Information removed for poster’s privacy, DLK] Thank you again

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