Sometimes It’s Just About Helping Other People

November 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

I had invited a lot of people to my public tree on Ancestry, but many of them either didn’t get the invitation or just didn’t respond, so I resent them the other day.  Today someone messaged me on Ancestry and thanked me for adding them to my tree.  I couldn’t remember our relationship to each other, but she signed her maiden name, which is Meredith, and that helped.  Then I went to my tree to track her down and see how we connected.

While checking her tree against mine, I found some riddles to solve.  A woman named Mary Hebenton married a man named Phillip Sharrard.  Both died in the time frame making it possible to find their death certificates online here in Michigan.  Phillip’s was easy to find, but poor Mary was no where to be found.  I did find her Find A Grave memorial with the year of her death on her tombstone, but neither to stone or other people’s public trees had anything but the year of death.

Well, you know me.  I just can’t rest until I’ve solved a mystery.  I used a couple of the tactics I’ve learned over the years to find her death certificate.  She had been indexed as Mary Sharred in stead of Sharrard.  I also found her mother living with Mary and her family in the 1900 census record.  She was in her 70’s which meant I’d be able to find her death certificate as well.  I tried and tried but couldn’t find it.  Then I found Mary’s birth record and learned her mother’s maiden name.  Using her first name and her father’s first name, I was able to find Elizabeth Wilson Hebenton’s death certificate.  She’d been indexed on the Seeking Michigan site as “Elizabeth Halversen” instead of Elizabeth Hebenton.  Then I went to one person’s public tree and messaged her with the information I’d found.

I hope I made the person happy.  🙂