If I Had Known Then

September 20, 2015 in Clark, Dear Diary

I wrote extensively about the Finch family a long time ago.  The family started with Charles Edgar Wilder and Mary Jane Clark who were the parents of Bertha and Mary Leah.  Leah died before she married, but Bertha lived a long, long time, marrying Alsey Morgan Finch and having three children of her own, two of whom lived to adulthood: Bessie and Florence.  Bessie was whom I was most interested in, but today I’ve been researching Florence.  She married a man named Leo Macek and had three children.  I only know about the children because one of them, Carol, contacted me through this blog because of my postings on Bessie.

I have never heard from her again and I wish she would contact me.  I didn’t ask her where her parents are buried or anything about her life and the lives of her brothers.  I sure wish now that I had.  If you’re out there, Carol Macek May, please contact me again.  After all, we’re cousins.  🙂