Blankity Blankity Blank Blank, or something

January 14, 2015 in Dear Diary

I get so frustrated with other members of Why won’t they answer my messages? Why? In one case, I now understand why they didn’t. The answer was right there, staring me in the face. Lemina Newsom Saunders had two children, a boy and a girl, with Edwin Saunders before she disappeared. I wrote another member asking for the name of the girl so I could research her to see if she was with her mother at any time. Well, this member also had a photo of the whole little Saunders family after Lemina’s disappearance with the new wife.

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Edwin and Mary Ella Sharp Saunder’s own biological child is sitting on his parent’s laps. The children standing are Edwin and Lemina’s children.

And here is why keeping a blog of genealogy research is helpful: I had to look at the site because I wrote that Ethyl had appeared in the 1900 census with Edwin and his wife, Mary Ella. She had not. Her brother, Lyle, is in the 1900 census with his mother’s parents, but Ethyl is missing. I can use that information now to search for Ethel and see if I can find her in 1900 living with her parents. SCORE!