Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman: 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

January 4, 2015 in 52 Ancestors 2015 Edition, Allied Families, Maiden Name Project

Unless you are of a certain age, you won’t understand the title of this post.  Mary Hartman was a fictional character on television who lived in fictional Fernwood, Ohio.  The show was called “Mary Hartman Mary Hartman.”  And today I stumbled upon a real Mary Hartman.  She was born in New Jersey in 1826, married a man named Joseph Dennis, had 6 babies, only one of whom lived.  That baby was Orville (or “Orval” or “Ival”) Grey Dennis and he married Ida May Lemon, the daughter of Joseph Lemon (also born in New Jersey…hmm) and Sarah J Clover.  I’m up to the S’s in my maiden name search of the women in my tree and Sarah J was there, so I started digging.

Sarah J was the mother-in-law of sister-in-law of sister-in-law of great grand uncle, who was John M. Lemon.  Isn’t that ironic?  Here’s how Ancestry connects us:

Sarah J Clover (1829 – )
mother-in-law of sister-in-law of sister-in-law of great grand uncle
William R Lemon Sr (1858 – 1931)
son of Sarah J Clover
Effie A Allen (1862 – 1915)
wife of William R Lemon Sr
William Henry Allen (1825 – )
father of Effie A Allen
Horace C. Allen (1848 – 1938)
son of William Henry Allen
Georgiana Hicks (1862 – 1898)
wife of Horace C. Allen
George Hicks (1814 – 1900)
father of Georgiana Hicks
Lavina A Hicks (1856 – 1919)
daughter of George Hicks
John M Lemon (1853 – 1927)
husband of Lavina A Hicks
Isaac M Lemon (1827 – )
father of John M Lemon
Isaac B Lemon (1864 – 1941)
son of Isaac M Lemon
Russell Tiffen Lemon (1899 – 1966)
son of Isaac B Lemon
Russell Raymond Lemon (1931 – 2010)
son of Russell Tiffen Lemon
Denise Ann Lemon
You are the daughter of Russell Raymond Lemon – (not you?)

Isn’t that handy? I think so because frequently I get confused as to how I’m related to the almost 16,000 people in my tree.  Yes.  Sixteen THOUSAND.  Not all confirmed, of course, but I’m working on that.  As this post and the others I’ve recently written explain.

So Mary Hartman, the mother of Orville Dennis, the husband of Ida May Lemon, may in fact be related to me in more than one way.  John M Lemon’s family started out in Massachusetts and then moved to New Jersey, then to Pennsylvania, then some of them moved to Canada and started a little village called “Lemonville” in Ontario, then some of THEM moved down into Michigan, so it’s entirely possible that Joseph Lemon (which is the name of the very first Lemon in my tree) was related to *my* Lemons.  Life is interesting, isn’t it?
Ida Lemon Dennis Decker died in 1912 in Dryden of self-administered carbolic acid poisoning.  Suicide, says her death certificate.  I have no idea why she did this.  She was married twice and is found living with a man named “George Vores” in 1900 with her daughter, Pearl R Dennis, Mary Hartman’s granddaughter.  She married Orville Dennis on the 24th of August in 1889 in West Bay, Bay County, Michigan.  I have no idea why they married in that place because in 1870, both the Dennis family and the Lemon family were living in Dryden, Michigan.  Maybe it was a destination wedding?  But Ida and Orville did not live happily ever after.  Ida filed for a divorce on Feb. 20th, 1899 using grounds of “desertion” on the part of the husband.  The divorce was granted on the 14th of March, 1899, and Ida was prohibited from marrying again for a period of one year.  But, there she is, in 1900, living as the wife of a man named Charles Vores:

NAME: Ida Vores
AGE: 27
BIRTH DATE: Oct 1872
HOME IN 1900: Lansing Ward 4, Ingham, Michigan
RACE: White
GENDER: Female
SPOUSE’S NAME: Charles Vores
OCCUPATION: View on Image
NEIGHBORS: View others on page
Charles Vores 39
Ida Vores 27
Pearl R Dennis 10

Most interesting is the fact that she says she has had no children when right there is Pearl, her daughter with Orville.  In the 1910 census she’s married to Homer Decker (I found the marriage record) and she’s had 2 children, only one of whom is living, but not living with her.  That’s because Pearl is living with her father in Dryden.  Ida and Homer are in Lansing, which is where her divorce was granted.

Another interesting fact is that so many members of this family are buried in “Dryden Cemetery” according to their death records.  I can’t find them in any of … well, I just searched for cemeteries in Dryden, Michigan and found Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, where I found Mary Hartman’s husband, Joseph Dennis, listed on Find A Grave.  Mary is not listed, Orville is not listed, there are no Lemons or Deckers listed either.  It is nice to find Joseph, though.  I created a virtual cemetery on Find A Grave for all those people I can’t find who have “Dryden Cemetery” listed as their burial place.  That would be Mary Hartman Dennis, Joseph Lemon, Ida Lemon Dennis Vores Decker, and probably Sarah J Clover, if I ever find her death record.  She was still alive when her husband Joseph Lemon died.  Part of the reason I was researching Ida Lemon was because the marriage and death records of children is an excellent way–though not always successful–of finding the maiden names of their mothers.  In this case it worked because while I haven’t looked at all the children of Joseph and Sarah Lemon, Ida had “Sarah Clover” listed as her mother’s maiden name.  So far I haven’t found her maiden name listed on any marriage records, which is odd, because on both of Ida’s marriage records, only her father is listed, not her mother.  The information for Ida’s death record was a Mrs. Ja Quigley.  Joseph and Sarah had 3 daughters, Harriet, Mary and Ida.  Ida was the informant for her father’s death certificate.  Harriet married a man named McIntosh, and I’ve found her death record; she died a McIntosh.  That leaves Mary.  I’ll research her next.