My Random Act Of Genealogy Kindness For Today

October 27, 2017 in DNA, Find A Grave, Helping Others, Lemon, Solving Puzzels

I love helping people. I also love genealogy. When the two combine, I’m in heaven. 

Last night my cousin, Rhonda, told me that my brother and I DNA matched someone that didn’t match any of our other cousins or my mom’s sister.  That’s always interesting.  So I visited the person’s tree and happened upon a man named John H Thompson, born in Canada in 1828. As our Lemon family lived in Canada, and the match is so small, I thought it prudent to see what I could find out about John H.  He married a woman named Harriet Lynn from New York. The tree had Harriet dying in Los Angeles, California in 1905, and John dying in an unknown place before or after 1900. Los Angeles death certificates is my wheelhouse. I am proficient in finding them if they are to be found at all.  Sure enough, I found Harriet’s.  She died as Harriet Thompson, but she is listed as married, not widowed.  That means John H died after she did.  Sure enough, I found a John H Thompson who died in 1919 in Los Angeles.  But I could not, for the life of me, find his death certificate, or even his name in the index of Los Angeles deaths. I did however find a John H Thompson, born in 1829 living with as a border in Pasadena, where Harriet had died, in 1910. He was widowed, but stated he was born in Michigan.  I don’t think he was.  But Harriet and John had a daughter, Emma, who was born in Michigan in 1855. She also died in Los Angeles in 1937.  I found her death certificate, which listed John and Harriet as her parents. 

So I messaged the tree-holder, DNA kit manager of the DNA matches to myself and Alan and let her know what I’d found.  I provided links to the death certificates and the Find A Grave memorials.  Nothing else I do today will feel as good as this.