Proving Caroline Crandall Wilder

August 20, 2017 in Allied Families, Brick Walls, Lemon, Lewis, Maiden Name Project, Solving Puzzels, Tips and Tricks, Wilder

My Wilder, Lewis, and Romans families are endlessly fascinating to me. Charles Wilder, Jr. married Leah Romans, the granddaughter of Bernard Romans, and produced Bernard Charles Wilder in 1820. Leah died young, then Charles, leaving their children, many of them young, orphans. Bernard settled in Cattaraugus County, New York in the town of Freedom, with his older, married sister, Mary Wilder Smith.  There he met and married Calista Lewis, eventually becoming the parents of my paternal great-grandmother, Eva Bell Wilder Lemon. 

Bernard and Mary had another brother, John, who also moved to Freedom and married a woman named Caroline.  I didn’t have her maiden name, but John didn’t marry until after the 1850 census, so I looked at all the families close to where John was living in 1850 and found a Caroline Crandall living with her parents.  She was the right age, and my geni-senses told me it was her.  But you can’t document tingling geni-senses, so I searched for proof and found it in her father’s Will.

Henry Crandall died in 1873, but wrote his Will in 1872, naming only two daughters: Mary Oswald and Caroline Wilder.  Proof.

Last week I was researching Mary Oswald and found a document she signed when applying to become a resident of the New York Veteran’s Home.  In it she lists her son and two nieces, one of them Minerva McIntosh, the other one of Minerva’s daughter, Mary Halwig. Mary Halwig was married to an undertaker.

So Caroline Wilder was the daughter of Henry Crandall and the sister of Mary Oswald.  I love it when my geni-senses tingle.