All Together Now

August 7, 2017 in Allied Families, Brick Walls, Clark, Find A Grave, Solving Puzzels, Wilder

The Andrew Jackson Clark family are all reunited, at least on Find A Grave.

I first started researching this family because Mary Jane Clark married Charles Edgar Wilder, the brother of my great-grandmother, Eva Bell Wilder Lemon.  And if you know me even a little, you know that my greatest passion is genealogical research, or as I like to call it, digging up the dead.  I should have been a detective instead of a nurse, because nothing gives me more satisfaction than solving genealogy mysteries. I absolutely love the thrill of finding information that no one else can find.

So, about the Andrew Clark family.  I posted about my search and ultimate success in finding Kathryn Arabella Clark.  She and her sister, Louisa, were the only siblings I couldn’t trace from the cradle to the grave.

Tonight I found Louisa.

Louisa married Edgar H Bailey sometime before 1880 in Michigan.  I can’t find their marriage record, but their first child, a daughter they named Blanche C, was born in Richmond, Macomb County, Michigan on the 26th of March, 1880.  I found her birth record.  It doesn’t give her mother’s last name, but my genie-senses are all a’tingle.  Edgar Bailey was born in New York, and sometime before the 1900 census, the family moved to Holland, Erie County, New York.  Louisa bore a 2nd child, Loren Benjamin Bailey, there in 1887.  Here they are in the 1900 census:

Name Edgar H Bailey
Age 51
Birth Date Mar 1859
Birthplace New York
Home in 1900 Holland, Erie, New York
Sheet Number 3B
Number of Dwelling in Order of Visitation 71
Family Number 71
Race White
Gender Male
Relation to Head of House Head
Marital Status Married
Spouse’s Name Eausia A Bailey
Marriage Year 1879
Years Married 21
Father’s Birthplace Vermont
Mother’s Birthplace New York
Occupation Farmer
Months Not Employed 0
Can Read Yes
Can Write Yes
Can Speak English Yes
House Owned or Rented O
Home Free or Mortgaged F
Farm or House F
Household Members
Name Age
Edgar H Bailey
Eausia A Bailey
Blanch C Bailey
Loren B Bailey

This census has Louisa’s parent’s places of birth correct for Andrew Clark and his wife, Eunice Corey, who were born in Indiana and Michigan, respectively.  It also has her daughter, Blanche, born in Michigan.

Louisa and Edgar were enumerated in the 1905 and 1915 New York state censuses, and as an added bonus, Louisa’s sister, Margaret Clark Smith, is with them for 1915.  Edgar died in 1921.  in 1930, Louisa is alone.  She died in 1931.  I was able to trace Loren through all census records and his death, but I couldn’t find anything on Blanche after 1900.  She isn’t listed with the Bailey family in the 1905 census.  Did she die?

Knowing the dates of Edgar and Louisa’s deaths, I searched for them on Newspapers. com and GenealogyBank.  Nope. So I went to the Family Search Wiki to see what New York newspapers were available and stumbled upon the link to the Fulton County Post Cards site.  It is so much more than post cards.  I found Louisa’s death notice and many little blurbs detailing property records between Loren and a Blanche C Kimball.  There was Blanche.  I found her death notice which led to her parent’s FAG memorials, because all of the Bailey/Kimball families are buried in the same cemetery in Erie County.

I submitted edits for Louisa, linking her to Andrew and Eunice, and edits for Blanche, giving her dates and places of birth and death, and linking her to Edgar and Louisa.  Loren was already linked.

This was a fun, quick search with a fulfilling resolution and now, at last, all of the children of Andrew and Eunice are linked together on Find A Grave.