Frances Lindsley And Zilah Z Griffin

January 13, 2016 in Allied Families, Bruce's Family

Frances Lindsley was the aunt of Zilah, Zilah’s mother being Frances’s sister, Eva.  Frances and Eva were the daughter so Henry Miles Lindsley and Harriet Matilda Ball.  Almost 10 years separated the sisters in age, but I believe they were close; while born in Michigan, they both died in New Philadelphia, Ohio, which is where their father died as well.

I was trying to find Zilah, Eva’s daughter.  She was born about 1897 in Michigan, is found with her parents, Sidney and Eva Lindsley Griffin, in the 1900 and 1910 census, then disappears.  Her parents moved to Tuscarawas County, Ohio between 1910 and 1920, but Zilah isn’t found either in Michigan or Ohio.  I searched for a death record in Michigan both in the 1899-1920 records, and the 1921-1952 ones.  I also can’t find a marriage record for her in Michigan or Ohio.  People who seem to drop off the face of the earth frustrate me, and I’ll usually keep searching until I find some clue as to what happened to them.  Sometimes I have to just stop searching for them and move on, which is what I did in 2014.  I couldn’t find Eva’s sister, Frances, either, and spent a goodly amount of time looking for her without success also.  But this year I had Knapper’s DNA tested and am creating a separate tree for him, so I started looking for Zilah and Frances again today.

Still no luck with Zilah, I have found what happened to Frances, her aunt.  Now, I must warn you, I have only circumstantial evidence to prove that the Frances Lindsley I found is indeed the daughter of Henry and Harriet, the sister of Eva, and the aunt of Zilah.

I found Frances’s death certificate first.  It’s on Family Search under “Frances Lindsley Kinsey“.  Her father’s name is correct, but her mother’s is listed as “Henrietta”.  It was not a family member who supplied that name for the certificate, but the undertaker.  Search and search as I might, I could not find a Frances Kinsey living in New Philadelphia, Ohio between 1900 and 1940.  But her father and her sister both died there, Frances herself died there, I was sure she had to be there.  So I did a search for just the name Frances and her year and place of birth on Ancestry for Tuscarawas County, Ohio and found a Frances Anderson.  When I clicked on that census record, a list of records other people had found and saved appeared on the right hand side of the page.  One of those records was a marriage record for Frances Lindsley and Robert A Anderson in Cook County, Illinois in 1895.  Robert and Frances stayed in New Philadelphia from 1900 to 1940, having their first child, Arthur Henry Anderson, in Illinois in 1896.  Their 2nd child was named Robert Lindsley Anderson.  This, to me, taken with the fact that her sister and father both died there, is strong enough circumstantial evidence for me to say with 90% certainty that this is the correct Frances Lindsley, even though she gives her mother’s place of birth as Ohio instead of New York, which is where Harriet Ball Lindsley was born.

Robert A Anderson died in New Philadelphia in 1940 and is buried in the East Avenue Cemetery there in Plot Section 15.  This is also where Frances Lindsley Kinsey is buried.  I wish I still had my subscription to and Genealogy Bank, I’d check to see if Frances, Eva, and Henry had obituaries published.