January 1, 2016 in Dear Diary, DNA

I’ve set myself a daunting task: I am cleaning up my .ged files and re-uploading them to my genealogy website.  The last time I imported a GED file was in 2013, and I didn’t clean it up first.  What does “cleaning up” a GED file mean?

Going through each person and making sure they didn’t give birth to their own parents, grandparents, spouse, died after they were married, or lived to be more than a thousand years old.  It means all dates in are the same style:  d/m/y.  (ie: today is 1 Jan 2015)  It means cutting out branches that I can’t verify.  It means hours of pouring over reports I generate with my genealogy software program and working on two computers to get it done correctly.  I guess what I’m doing is a “Genealogy Do-Over”, in the most unofficial way.  I’ve been working on this now for about 3 days.  It’s slow going.

In other news, my brother Alan’s DNA results are back and on Ancestry.  We’re definitely related, but we got different parts of DNA from our parents.  The most interesting result is that he’s 90% Great Britain and I’m 7%.  I’m 74% Western Europe and he’s 5%.  He has matches I don’t have and I have matches he doesn’t.  I would LOVE to do my brother Jim as well.  Maybe in the future.  I’m still waiting on Knapper’s DNA to finish processing.  His was started at the lab the day before Alan’s, but Alan’s came back first.  Alan’s showed up on New Year’s Eve.  That was only 12 days from when it was received in the lab.