Abner Lemon Revisited

October 29, 2015 in Brick Walls, Lemon, Richard P Lemon

You remember Abner Lemon.  I’ve written about him many times.  I finally finished another chapter of his life today.  I have finally tracked down and found all of his grandchildren through Louisa Charlotte Palmer.  Abner and Louisa had one child, a daughter, Charlotte Louisa Lemon, called “Lottie”.  Lottie was married at least 3 times, but only had children with one of her husbands: Oscar David Sipperly.  They were:

  1.  Daisy Mae Sipperly Kidd Salsberry
  2.  Genevieve Lemon Sipperly Hansen Dixon Corcoran
  3.  Norris James Sipperly

I believe my father worked with Norris at the Greenville Department of Public Works in the early 70’s. I can hear his voice right now talking about  “Ol’ Norris”.  But it seems unusual that Norris wouldn’t recognize the last name of Lemon as it was his mother’s maiden name.  Perhaps they talked about it, but my father, not knowing anything about his father’s side of the family, wasn’t able to put the pieces together.  After all, Uncle Dick and I didn’t even know Abner existed until the 1990’s.

Norris died last year at the age of 99.  I knew about him, but because he was living, there wasn’t much I could do.  Genevieve was harder to trace, but I made great progress today for some reason.  And earlier this afternoon, I finally broke through the wall that separated me from Daisy.  Re-reading Norris’ obituary, I found that Daisy’s name was given as Daisy Kidd-Salsberry.  Two things:  I didn’t know about her first husband, Clayton W Kidd, and I’d been spelling Salsberry incorrectly.  I’d had it as Salisbury.  The saddest part of the whole story is that a couple of years ago I went looking for Lottie’s grave.  It turns out that her husband Oscar is buried there along with Daisy, Clayton, and one of Daisy’s children, Barbara Kidd McDaniel.  I never saw them.  I couldn’t even find Lottie!

But I found Daisy through her husband, Clayton.  He’d applied for citizenship and his papers were a treasure trove of information.  Then a few minutes ago, I was finally able to find when she died.

There are only two more of Abner’s descendants to trace:  His son, Charles, and his daughter, Luella.