Armada, Michigan is to Lemons what Amble, Michigan is to Knapps

August 4, 2015 in Allied Families, Bruce's Family, Dear Diary, Lemon

I have been working on the assumption that my immediate Lemon family (great-grandfather Lemon and his siblings) moved down from Canada into Macomb County, Michigan, because their uncle was there.  And that assumption is correct, but now I understand what brought their Uncle Abner to Macomb County;  his aunts, uncles and cousins.  I now also understand why Isaac Lemon (my great-grandfather) moved up to Sanilac County, Michigan with his young family: aunts, uncles and cousins.  Bakers, Macklems, more Bakers…all married into the Lemon family and appear to have moved en mass from Markham/Whitchurch, Ontario, Canada (near Toronto) down into Michigan to raise families and farm the land.  Perhaps Canada (huge as it is) got too crowded for them.  They appear in Michigan beginning in the 1850’s.

There’s even a version of the Knapp cemetery (which is on land Knapper’s great-grandfather donated to the township) in St Clair County, which is next door to Macomb; the private Baker cemetery.

Genealogy is endlessly fascinating to me for just this reason.  The parallels to my life with Knapper’s family is constantly amazing to me.  Last night I was excited about this find and was excitedly telling Knapper about my Lemon family discoveries.  He wasn’t so much amazed by the stories as he was by the fact that I could recite all these names and places and dates without looking at notes.  It’s amazing to me that other people aren’t as intrigued by family research as I am.  To follow these people who came before me, to virtually live their lives with them, it’s one of the most enthralling occupations of my time.  And I’m beginning to resent the canning and gardening chores of summer which steal time away from digging into the pasts of my ancestors.