Finding The Missing…Again

April 24, 2015 in Brick Walls, Meredith

So what is genealogy without a challenge, without those stubborn brick walls to push against and learn from?  Boring, that’s what it is.  And right now, right this second, I miss boring.  I have a least 2 people I can think of off the top of my head for whom I want to create Missing Person flyers and staple and tape them to every available surface in the genealogical world in the hopes that someone, anyone, will be able to tell me what happened.

Missing Mabel

Mabel Guigar was born in Michigan about 1918 to Albert Edward Guigar and Vandella “Della” Meredith. She last appeared in a census in 1930 at the age of 12, living with her mother, her stepfather (Smith Ames) and her brother, Anthony Guigar.  The photo above was probably taken sometime in the 50’s.  I can’t find a marriage record or a death record for her anywhere.  Besides her brother Anthony, she had an older sister, Helen.  I’ve been able to track them to their marriages and eventual deaths, but of Mabel there is no sign.  Where did she go?  Whom did she marry?  When and where did she die?

Della Missing

Vandella “Della” Meredith Guigar Ames Downing, born in Michigan in 1893.  She married three times, divorcing her first husband, Albert, then marrying Smith Ames (though I can find no record, just one census record that lists her as the wife of Smith in 1930) who died in 1938, and finally marrying Bernie Edward Downing in 1951.  He died in 1955 in Pontiac, Michigan.  He’s buried in Oak Hill Cemetery there, and Della may be buried next to him, but I don’t know for sure; the cemetery office is not answering the phone lately.  Della is the last of Cyrus Meredith and Rose Ruby’s children I have left to track from the cradle to the grave.