Sometimes You Run Into Your Own Past When Searching For The Dead

January 14, 2015 in Allied Families, Dear Diary, Griffin

I’ve been working on Cj Brimmer’s family for a couple of days now.  We have his mother’s side of the family documented because Cj and Linda Knapp, my daughter-in-law, are cousins.  Cj wants to know about his father’s side of the family, so I’ve been sticking my nose in their business.

Cj’s 2nd great grandmother was Ruth Irene Cornwell.  She lived her whole life in Mecosta County, which is where Knapper and I lived for a few years before moving onto part of his father’s farm here in neighboring Montcalm County, Michigan.  Ruth appears to have been the only child of William W. Cornwell and his wife, Carrie Howell.  When Ruth was 19 she married Edward Truman.  When Cj and I saw that name the other day, it made me pause.  When Knapper and I lived in Mecosta County, we lived in a little house part of a farm owned by Hazel Truman and her 2nd husband, Orville.  Orville was a dour man, not prone to smiling much, and he didn’t really seem to like children, or at least, not our children. That’s okay because our boys were very young and that meant I kept a very close eye on them, so they didn’t tend to bother the Trumans.  Orville also had a great dislike of our cat, Buster Keke, a Siamese.  According to Orville, Buster liked to walk on Orville’s car and leave dirty paw prints all over it.  I could keep the kids out of Orville’s way, but I couldn’t watch the cat all time.

Anyway, the surname Truman and their location in Mecosta County gave me a moments pause.  Sure enough, Ruth’s husband, Edward, was related to Orville.  Edward was the cousin of Orville’s father, Lawrence W. Truman.  I just made the connection tonight and boy do I wish I could go back in time with the knowledge I have now and talk to Orville about his family!

Another coincidence that I became aware of long after the fact was that on the other side of Orville and Hazel’s house was another little house rented by a very nice older couple named Pike.  Turns out they were related to *my* side of the family, the Griffins.  Of course I didn’t know that then.  In those days I was only interested in Knapper’s side of the family.