“Mother Munroe”

December 10, 2014 in Fuller, Other People's Brick Walls

While searching for Munroe individuals who died in Ottawa County, Michigan for my cousin Terese Fuller’s family, I came across a Find A Grave memorial for “Mother Munroe”.  The name was just in a list of Munroes who are buried in Michigan, just a simple search on Find A Grave.  I clicked on the link, wondering who named their child “Mother”, and stumbled upon a mystery.

The memorial had been created by  GIRLIE430/THUNDERBOLT and she had linked “Mother” to her husband, William Munroe.  She’d also left a message:  “I WISH I NEW YOUR NAME”.  Well, that was all it took for me!  Because the dates of Mother’s birth and death were there and it was in Michigan (I will forever (heart you), Michigan for being so open with your records), I first went to www.familysearch.org and typed in her last name and vital dates.  “Mother Munroe” was Martha Jane McEvers Munroe.

I went ahead and created (yet) another tree on Ancestry and have been keeping myself occupied for the last several hours discovering who she was and where she came from.

Martha Jane was born to Irish immigrants Patrick McEver and Martha Rigley/Riley.  It turns out her parents are buried in the same cemetery, though the memorial was not created by Girlie.  I found a marriage record for the couple in Ireland, but am not sure if it truly is them.  All I know for sure is that Martha Jane and her older brother, William McEver, were both born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and the family moved down (Or is it over?) into Detroit in 1869.  It’s in Detroit where Martha Jane met and married William Munroe, who had also moved to Detroit from his Canadian home.  Martha and William lived their entire married lives in Detroit and are buried in Woodmere Cemetery, a HUGE place that holds almost 55 thousand graves.

While researching this family, who are in no way (that I can tell at this point) related to Terese’s Munroes, I started on the trail of the Beach family.  Gertrude Beach married Martha Jane and William’s son, Raymond Wesson Munroe.  This has led to New York, Nebraska, and Missouri, to name just a few states.

I’m glad I found “Mother Munroe” and was able to answer, at least for myself, what her real name.  In return she has given me hours and hours of puzzles and mysteries to try to solve, and that’s the best part of genealogy for me.