John B. Oglesby Comes Home

August 5, 2017 in Barnard, Oglesby, Solving Puzzels

My mother’s people are Oglesbys and Barnards. Oglesby on her mother’s side, Barnard on her father’s.  Barnards have been easy to find.  They were a huge family with thousands of descendants, and I had the help of my mother’s 1st cousin, Kris Bernard, in tracking them down.

The Oglesbys, or at least *my* Oglesbys, have been a different story.

I had the names of my mother’s grandfather’s parents for a long time, since the early 2000’s.  Daniel Oglesby and Nancy Sprague.  When the Kentucky death certificates came out, this was confirmed with Morgan’s, who died in the 40’s.

I found John with his parents and siblings in 1860 and 1870 in Union County, Kentucky.  I found him living as a boarder the with the Hugh Moore family in 1880 in Union County, one household above my mother’s father’s people, the David Stevens family.  My mother’s father’s mother, Edna America Stevens, wasn’t born yet in 1880, but I’m still amazed at how close an Oglesby from my mother’s mother’s family was living to the Stevens family.  Edna would marry Christopher William Barnard and produce my grandfather, James Spencer who would marry Alvateen Oglesby, John Oglesby’s niece. James and Alvateen were my mother’s parents.

There are many public Ancestry trees which have this John B. Oglesby in them.  They all have his parents as John Knight Oglesby and Mary Elizabeth Rowe.  I believe John Knight Oglesby is the son of Daniel and his first wife, Matilda Meredith, who died in 1848 or so.  John Knight took for his 2nd wife, Lucinda Tichenor, who was married 1st to a man named Jared Tichenor, who died in 1862.  Mary Elizabeth Rowe Oglesby had died in 1863. John and Mary Oglesby did not have a son named John B.  Lucinda Bennett Tichenor and her husband, Jared, had a son named John B Tichenor who was born on my birthday, December 6, 1857.

When John Knight Oglesby and Lucinda Bennett Tichenor married on 11 April 1864, her children with Jared came with her to live in the Oglesby household and they were given the last name of Oglesby in the 1870 census, so John B Tichenor became John B Oglesby in that census.  That’s probably how the confusion started.  But having been born in 1857, John B Oglesby would have been in the 1860 census with John and Mary, except he isn’t:

Name: John K Oglesby
Age: 36
Birth Year: abt 1824
Gender: Male
Birth Place: Kentucky
Home in 1860: Hartford, Ohio, Kentucky
Post Office: Hartford
Family Number: 288
Value of real estate: View image
Household Members:
Name Age
John K Oglesby 36
Mary E Oglesby 26
Mary A Oglesby 12
Brxton W Oglesby 9
Nancy J Oglesby 7
Robert J Oglesby 6
William M Oglesby 4
Francis R Oglesby 2

Nope. No John B Oglesby there.  He’s in Union County with Daniel and his 2nd wife, Nancy Sprague, exactly where he should be.

Name: Jonathan Oglesby
Age: 4
Birth Year: abt 1856
Gender: Male
Birth Place: Kentucky
Home in 1860: Union, Kentucky
Post Office: Morganfield
Family Number: 1052
Value of real estate: View image
Household Members:
Name Age
Danl Oglesby 50
Nancy Oglesby 32
Mary E Oglesby 10
William Oglesby 8
Martha Oglesby 6
Jonathan Oglesby 4
Catharine Oglesby 13
Joseph Sprague 24

And he’s there in 1870, too, but his age is incorrect in the transcription. It is correct in the image.

Name: Johnathon Oglesby
Age in 1870: 3
Birth Year: abt 1867
[abt 1857] Birthplace: Kentucky
Home in 1870: Shilo, Union, Kentucky
Race: White
Gender: Male
Post Office: Caseyville
Value of real estate: View image
Household Members:
Name Age
Daniel Oglesby 66
Nancy Oglesby 41
Catherine Oglesby 19
William Oglesby 17
Martha Oglesby 15
Johnathon Oglesby 3
Elizabeth Oglesby 10
Davis Oglesby 7
Maryan Oglesby 5
Forrest Oglesby 5
Allice Oglesby 1

Johnathon Oglesby – 13 yrs in 1870 census for Union County, Kentucky






Here’s the John Knight Oglesby family in 1870:

Name John K Oglesby
Age in 1870 48
Birth Year abt 1822
Birthplace Kentucky
Home in 1870 Hartford, Ohio, Kentucky
Race White
Gender Male
Post Office Hartford
Household Members
Name Age
John K Oglesby 48
Lucinda E Oglesby 43
Aaron T Oglesby 20
Mary E Oglesby 18
Nancy Oglesby 17
Robert J Oglesby 15
John B Oglesby 13
William H Oglesby 13
Rachel F Oglesby 11
Albert F Oglesby 3
Elizabeth Oglesby 1


Here’s Lucinda’s son, John B Tichenor’s birth record:




He died in Ohio County, Kentucky in 1955

Name: J B Tichenor
Gender: Male
Race: White
Death Age: 78
Birth Date: 29 Dec 1855
Birth Place: Kentucky
Death Date: 1 Jun 1934
Death Place: Ohio, Kentucky, USA
Father: Jerd Tichenor
Mother: Emmaline Bennett
Spouse: Rhoda Tichenor

They got his birthday wrong, but his parents correct.  Lucinda was Lucinda Emmaline Bennett Tichenor.

In 1880, he was living with his brother, Aaron, in Ohio County:

Name J. B. Tichenor
Age 23
Birth Date Abt 1857
Birthplace Kentucky
Home in 1880 Hartford, Ohio, Kentucky, USA
Dwelling Number 1
Race White
Gender Male
Relation to Head of House Brother
Marital Status Single
Father’s Birthplace Kentucky
Mother’s Birthplace Kentucky
Occupation Works On Farm
Household Members
Name Age
Aron T. Tichenor
S. W. Tichenor
Mary E. Tichenor
J. B. Tichenor

So John B Tichenor was not John B Oglesby.

By 1900, my John was living in Oklahoma, having married Lena Eaman, and the father of 3 children:

Name John Oglesby
Age 43
Birth Date abt 1857
Birthplace Kentucky
Home in 1900 Township 5, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory
House Number 30
Sheet Number 11B
Number of Dwelling in Order of Visitation 225
Family Number 225
Race White
Relation to Head of House Head
Spouse’s Name Lena Oglesby
Occupation Salesman Furniture
Months Not Employed 0
Household Members
Name Age
John Oglesby
Lena Oglesby
Maggie Oglesby
Daisy Oglesby
Mary Oglesby

Here’s the family in 1910:

Name John B Oglesby
Age in 1910 53
Birth Year abt 1857
Birthplace Kentucky
Home in 1910 Henry, Okmulgee, Oklahoma
Race White
Gender Male
Relation to Head of House Head
Marital Status Married
Spouse’s Name Lena Oglesby
Father’s Birthplace Virginia
Mother’s Birthplace Maryland
Native Tongue English
Occupation Miner
Industry Coal
Employer, Employee or Other Wage Earner
Home Owned or Rented Rent
Farm or House House
Able to read Yes
Able to Write Yes
Years Married 19
Out of Work N
Number of Weeks Out of Work 4
Household Members
Name Age
John B Oglesby 53
Lena Oglesby 43
Daisy Evaline Oglesby 16
Mary E Oglesby 13
Roy Oglesby 9
Ruby M Oglesby 9

Lena died in 1915. I can’t find John in 1920 and by 1925, he was dead, murdered during a robbery attempt while on a camping trip with friends.









For a long time, that’s all I had on John.  Oklahoma didn’t have deaths online when I found that clipping 2014.  All the clippings I found regarding his murder named only the men responsible, and didn’t have anything else about John except his name.

Knowing where his wife buried, I called the Henryetta public library in Oklahoma and spoke with a librarian who has access to the book for the West Lawn Cemetery there. She was able to tell me that there was a John Oglesby in the grave beside Lena’s, and that he was buried in 1925.  Lena’s grave has a headstone, John’s does not.









This year, Oklahoma put their death index online.  I found John’s death and sent for the certificate.  It came on Tuesday.








The informant, E Oscar Baker, didn’t know the names of John’s parents, but he knew where he was born: “Kaseyville Ky”, or Caseyville, Kentucky.  That’s Caseyville in Union County, Kentucky, where John was enumerated in the 1870 census.  That caused a great deal of genie chair-dancing here.  Not Ohio County, Kentucky, where John B. Tichenor was born, and his birth is given as 23 Jan 1857, not 6 Dec 1857.  More genie chair-dancing ensued.

Once I calmed down, I started searching for E Oscar Baker in the census records.  I didn’t find him, but I did find a record for the marriage of Ethel Oglesby and Oscar Baker in 1914. Mrs. Maggie Kern was the witness.  Maggie Kern was Margaret “Maggie” Oglesby, who married Howel Douglas Kern.  Maggie was Mary Ethel’s sister.







Following Ethel and Oscar, I found that his full name was Edward Oscar Baker, and he was John Oglesby’s son-in-law.  All of this together, while not absolute proof, is enough circumstantial proof that this John B. Oglesby was the brother of my great-grandfather, Morgan Oglesby, the father of my grandmother, Alvateen Oglesby Barnard.  And Morgan and John’s parents were Daniel and Nancy Sprague Oglesby of Union County, Kentucky.

What do you think?