Knapper’s Fike Family

August 22, 2016 in Bruce's Family, Solving Puzzels

Myrtie Sylvesta Fike married James Harrison Knapp in Nobel County, Indiana in 1890.  These are Knapper’s great-grandparents on his father’s side.  Myrtie’s parents were James Fike and Sarah Jane Lint.  James Fike, born in 1835 in Ohio, had an older brother, Harrison Fike.  Is that where the Harrison in James Harrison Knapp’s name came from?  I’ll never know.

Harrison Fike, born 1829 in Ohio, died in Indiana in 1866.  He’d married a woman named Sophia Sweet and had two daughters:  Melissa and Nancy.  Nancy was undoubtedly named for Harrison and James’s mother, Nancy McCoy Fike.

The girls are left $5 in Nancy’s will:  “…to the children (names unknown) of my son, Harrison Fike (deceased)…”

The girls, born in 1855 and 1858, lived with their mother in Iowa after their father’s death.  Sophia Sweet Fike married William Holden, who was born in England, sometime after 1866 when Harrison died, and before 1870 when she’s found with William Holden in Hale, Iowa.  She has had 3 children:  Stanley, born in 1869, Famer (female), born in 1871, and Esther, born in 1873.

It’s Famer I’m writing about.  Her name is unusual, and I believe it’s actually a nickname that somehow became converted to her legal name because it appears as Phema P Holden on the birth record of her son, James William Hubbell.  At any rate, Famer and John F Hubbell had three children:  James, b. 1887 in Iowa; Effie, b. 1888 in Iowa, and Jennie, b. 1890 in Canada.  (Don’t ask, I don’t know why she was born in Canada.)  Jennie died at 17 in 1907 and is buried in Iowa.  James lived a long life, marrying and having a family of his own before dying in 1970.

But Effie.  Effie has a mystery surrounding her.  At some point the Hubbell family, Famer and her husband, John F Hubbell, moved to Minnehaha, South Dakota.  There Effie married George Daniel Pettingill in 1907.  George was born in South Dakota in 1887 to Albert Ira Pettingill, born in New York, and his wife, Medora Babcock, also born in New York.  On the 18th of November in 1910, Effie gave birth to a son, named Frank Stanley Pettingill, in Minnehaha County, South Dakota.  But in 1910, George Pettingill is living with his parents, listed as married, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and Effie is not living with him.  She’s in the same place, living with her parents, and listed as single.  If her son, Frank, was born at term, she would have been 2 months pregnant at the time.

Effie died in Minnehaha County in 1918, her name listed in the index as “Effie May Hubbell”.  She’s buried under that name as well.  In 1920, Frank is living with Famer and John in Lake County, South Dakota, listed as “Frank Hubbell” and his relationship given as their son.  He used the surname of Hubbell for the rest of his life; marrying Grace Graham in 1933 in South Dakota as “Frank Hubbell” and dying in Los Angeles County, California in 1970 under that name as well.  His obituary is full of mystery as well.  It lists his wife, two sons and a brother, Eddie Gibson and a sister, Mildred Mead.  His father, George Pettingill, did remarry, but there are no children with those names living with him and his wife in 1940.  In 1930, he was single and living with his future wife and her husband as a boarder.  Did Effie remarry? I can’t find a marriage record for her other than her marriage to George Pettingill.  She died under her maiden name.  Who are Eddie Gibson and Mildred Mead?

Just another mystery I’ll probably never solve.