Here A Dora, There A Dora…

June 14, 2016 in Allied Families, Find A Grave, Meredith, Solving Puzzels

So, I’ve got this dilemma. Two Dora M Daltons married to two different Dalton men. “My” Dora M Dalton was Dora Matilda Cain, born 1874 in Dark County, Ohio, married William S Dalton in 1899 in Miami County, Ohio. The couple had 4 children; 3 boys and 1 girl, the girl married one of my Meredith cousins. William S Dalton died in Ohio in 1946. But before then, I found an obscure notice in an Ohio newspaper that said the couple were divorcing. His death certificate states he was married when he died. They were together in the 1930 census, living with 2 of their sons in Butler County, Ohio. In 1940, William may be the William Dalton living with a wife, Lena, in Butler County, Ohio. I haven’t found another marriage record for him though, so I can’t be sure. In 1940, his ex-wife, Dora Cain Dalton, is living with one of the couple’s sons in Cincinnati. Her marital status is listed as divorced. She died in Springfield, Ohio, in 1964, and is buried in Dayton, Ohio. That’s “my” Dora.
The problem is that “my” Dora is connected on Find A Grave to a man named Edward Lewis Dalton, born in 1864 in Virginia. He served in the Indian War and received a pension. He was discharged in Washington, DC, where he married Dora Mohr. Dora was born in New York. The couple had 3 children there between the time of their marriage in 1891 and the 1900 census. Then they lived in both Ulster, New York, and Beacon, Dutchess County, New York. They had a set of twins, Alvin and Albert, while living in New York. In 1930, Edward was a patient in the US Home For Disabled Volunteer Soldiers. He’s listed as married or widowed, it’s hard to tell, but it’s probably married because his wife, Dora Mohr Dalton, died in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1947. Edward’s relative is listed as his son, Phillip Dalton, living in the YMCA in Dayton, Ohio. This makes sense because he was the director of Health Services for the YMCA. Edward was admitted to the Home for Disabled Soldiers on 1 Jul 1930 and discharged on 11 Jul 1930. On April 4th, 1930, he and his wife were enumerated living with their son, John Dalton, in Beacon, New York, so he went to Dayton after that. One of their twin sons, Alvin, and his new wife were living in Dayton in 1930, being found in the 1930 census. Then Edward died in Dayton on the 5th of December, 1930. His death certificate is on Family Search. Dora was the informant. His body was removed for burial to Beacon, New York. Then his wife, Dora, is found back in Beacon in 1940, living again with son John. In 1947, she died in Kentucky. She had been living with her son, Phillip, in Louisville. Her body, per the death certificate found on Ancestry, states her body was also removed for burial to Beacon, New York. She also had an obituary which named all her sons, but not her husband.
The problem I’m having is that someone created a Find A Grave memorial for Edward and “my” Dora Dalton and connected them. I went ahead and made a Find A Grave memorial for Dora Mohr Dalton in the same cemetery where Edward is buried and connected her to him, so now poor Edward has two wives named Dora connected to his memorial. The creator of Edward and “my” Dora’s memorials will not disconnect “my” Dora so I can connect her children to her. She remains unconvinced that she has the wrong Dora connected to Edward. All I have is circumstantial evidence to connect Dora Mohr and Edward Dalton, and Dora Cain and William Dalton. The creator of the Edward and Dora Cain Dalton is unconvinced by my evidence. While I have Dora Mohr’s death certificate, it does not say she was the widow of Edward L Dalton. William Dalton’s death certificate does not state the name of his wife, and the informant was the daughter who married my Meredith cousin.
I don’t know what else I can do to convince the creator of Dora Cain Dalton’s Find A Grave memorial that she has the wrong Dora connected to Edward Lewis Dalton.
Update:  The creator of the two memorials in question: Edward Lewis Dalton and Dora Matilda Cain Dalton, has disconnected my Dora Mohr Dalton’s FAG memorial from Edward.  I’ve posted on her public profile again, and will see if I can find a phone number for both the Dutchess County, New York and Dayton, Ohio cemeteries and call them to see if they can offer any evidence I can provide to the memorial creator to convince her she’s gotten the two Dora’s confused.  Wish me luck.