Lemon-Knapp Coincidence

May 17, 2016 in Bruce's Family, Lemon, Lyons, Other People's Brick Walls, Solving Puzzels, White

I found an odd coincidence just now.  I’m still working on Knapper’s tree, trying to fill in all the blank spaces to increase the chances of making more DNA matches.  I found someone who has a connection to both of us again, this time on my Lemon side.

There’s a person with the screen name of Dickinson409 who is related in some obscure way to Lottie Lemon, the child of Abner Lemon.  I just now found someone I’m researching from Knapper’s tree in Dickinson409’s tree.  Catharine Collins married Earl Lyons, the son of George Lyons and Agnes Hornby.  Catharine and Earl had a daughter and then divorced, making the daughter a blood relative of Knapper’s.  I’m at an impasse again with my own family, so I was researching Catharine’s parents, Eli Collins and Cora Tyler.  The couple had 6 daughters, so I was following up on them because it’s fun to research.  One of them, Emma M Collins, married Ira Milton Winters.  Ira was born in Mecosta County, Michigan to Orlo Mark Winters and Ella Burdick.  Orlo was married once before and had two children with his first wife, Matilda White (not a small coincidence, as Knapper’s maternal biological grandmother was the daughter of Anna White Knapp).  Matilda died in 1870 and Orlo married again (though I cannot find a marriage record) Ella Burdick.  The couple had three children, the last being Ira, who was born in May of 1883.  The next month, Ella died of consumption.  Ella’s father’s name is given as Spencer Burdick.  It appears his full name was Reuben Spencer Burdick of New York.  He and his wife, Lavina, appear to not have left New York, but Ella, their daughter, and a son, Joel Spencer Burdick, ended up in Mecosta County, Michigan.  These are the people in Dickinson409’s tree.

I’d contact Dickinson409 and ask about the Burdicks, but that person has never responded to my messages about Lottie Lemon, so I’m not going to waste time trying again.

Still an odd coincidence which makes me scratch my head and wonder at just how small the world really is.