And This Happened (Cyrus Pringle)

April 23, 2016 in Allied Families, Brick Walls, Helping Others, Other People's Brick Walls, Solving Puzzels

I belong to many genealogy groups on Facebook.  When my own ancestors and their families frustrate me, I like to help other people find their families.  I saw a post a couple of days ago on one of my genealogy groups and was moved to save it so I could go back and work on it when I’d finished helping a couple of other people whose families I was helping to find.  I got around to that post yesterday and did what I do, which is create a new tree and start filling in the blanks with the information they give me.  I don’t know why I was moved to help this particular person except maybe for the fact that the people she was looking for were in Michigan, which is, as you know, my most favorite state to research in.

I ended up being able to solve a mystery for this person I was helping, which is always nice.  There was one part of the puzzle that was missing, so I went searching for it and stumbled upon a tree of one of my cousins.  It was from this cousin’s tree that everyone was using the date of death for one of the people I was helping with.  There doesn’t seem to be a source for this date of death, but finding my cousin’s tree got me wondering if *I* was related to any of the people I was helping someone else research, so I searched in my main tree and there it was.  I didn’t have the person I was helping to research, but I definitely had his 2nd great uncle.  Seems his 2nd great uncle and the brother-in-law of my 3rd cousin 2x removed were brothers.  How weird is that?