Tracing The Descendants of Stephen Decatur Oglesby Part 2

March 21, 2016 in Find A Grave, Oglesby, Solving Puzzels

I called Oakview Cemetery in Royal Oak, Michigan, this morning and got confirmation of the burials of James Mildred Oglesby and his wife, Mary Edna Bogard.  James is the father of William J Oglesby whose wife I spoke with last night.  She had asked Bill where his parents were buried and I was told it was in Oak Grove “in Detroit.”  Some digging on the internet and the actual name came up.  But it’s opened up a new mystery as well.

There are two Oglesby babies buried in Oakview; a female, buried in 1934, and a baby with no gender given, buried 1942.  The second baby has the father’s name as James, no mother’s name given.  I thought it would be a simple matter to look up these two deaths online in Michigan, but that’s not proven to be the case.  Believe it or not, Oglesby is not a popular name in Michigan, and there is only one page of deaths of people with that last name on the Seeking Michigan website.  The name is probably misspelled, but that doesn’t help me.  It looks like these baby Oglesbys will remain a mystery.

Lesson to be learned here:  Call cemeteries where you think you have relatives buried.  It’s as simple as it sounds.  Sometimes it’s not simple to find the person in charge of the cemetery, but that can usually be found by calling the township where the cemetery is located.  Cemeteries require care; the grass must be cut, trash cleaned up.  Someone is in charge of doing that.  If it’s an active cemetery, there’s going to be someone who is in charge of burying people and to do this, the location of all graves must be known to avoid burying someone in a grave that’s already being used.