Laura Lemon and Edward Merton Messecar

February 24, 2016 in Lemon, Solving Puzzels

Laura Lemon was my 3rd cousin 3x removed.  Here’s how our relationship looks on Ancestry:

Laura Lemon (1865 – 1927)
3rd cousin 3x removed
Alanson Lemon (1837 – 1896)
father of Laura Lemon
John Lemon (1791 – 1864)
father of Alanson Lemon
Jacob Joseph Lemon (1743 – 1816)
father of John Lemon
Joseph Lemon (1718 – 1792)
father of Jacob Joseph Lemon
John Lemon (1750 – 1809)
son of Joseph Lemon
Baltis Lemon (1796 – 1869)
son of John Lemon
Isaac M Lemon (1827 – )
son of Baltis Lemon
Isaac B Lemon (1864 – 1941)
son of Isaac M Lemon
Russell Tiffen Lemon (1899 – 1966)
son of Isaac B Lemon
Russell Raymond Lemon * (1931 – 2010)
son of Russell Tiffen Lemon
Denise Ann Lemon

Sort of a long way around, but we’re related.  I’m researching Laura today because I’m mad at Family Search.  I’ve been looking for death certificates in Los Angeles California which Family Search has on their site.  But they’re not transcribed.  They are indexed and that’s helpful, but it’s kind of an annoying process to find who you’re looking for.  You have to find the person you’re looking for in the transcribed index, then find them in the NOT transcribed index images, then use the number you find for the death certificate to search the NOT transcribed images for that number.  It’s better than not having the images at all, and I’ve been blessed to have found a great many of them, but I broke up with Family Search today because of Bessie Naomi Conover.  Bessie is in the transcribed index, but the NOT transcribed index (which gives the actual death certificate number) for the year 1958, when Bessie died, is on another roll of film that isn’t included with the rest of the (seemingly) billions of other rolls of the images.  I was up until almost 4 this morning trying to figure out how to get to the missing roll of film, which I did, and going through the images on that roll for Bessie in the index so I can (relatively) quickly find her death certificate.  But guess what?  She’s not there.  She should be, but she’s not.  So I broke up with Family Search today.  It’s not a divorce, I’ll go back to them eventually, most probably later today in fact.  But right now?  Right now I’m mad as hell and am not speaking to them.  🙂

Anyway…Laura.  Laura married Edward Messecar in Canada in May of 1885.  Then about 1889, they moved to the United States.  They moved to Missouri.  From Ontario, Canada.  In 1888.  What??  I thought for a moment that there had been 2 Edward Merton Messecars in the United States because I found Edward’s WWI Draft Registration from the 12th of September, 1918, living in Kansas City, Missouri.  Because he gives his date of birth as 3 Jun 1881, and says he is “Natural born” in the United States, I thought, “How odd!  What are the chances of someone else having such an unusual name!”  Then while I was constructing this post, I noticed Laura and Edward’s 1st child was born in Canada, and their 2nd child was born in Missouri.  Edward was born in Canada in 1861.  There’s a document that says so.  And he married Laura in 1885, which would have made him 4 years old if I believed the WWI Draft document.  Which I don’t.  The child born in Missouri was born in 1889.  But Edward was not married in 1918, he and Laura had divorced in Michigan in 1916.  They remarried in Michigan in 1919.  Laura cited “extreme cruelty” as the reason she was seeking a divorce.  I should say so!  In 1892 they had another child who was born in Michigan.  Poor Laura.

I find Laura and Edward in 1900 and 1910 in Evart, Michigan, which is not far from where I live now.  Laura filed for the divorce in May of 1915 and it was granted in Shiawassee County in Jan of 1916.  There are many directory listings showing them living in different places apart after that, and then when they remarry in 1919, Edward is living in Flint and Laura’s in Owosso.  She was working as a “clerk”, he was a real estate agent.  If anyone would know the value of land, it would be Edward.  I can’t find them in 1920, but that’s probably because of the name; Messecar is not a common name and would probably be quite mangled by census enumerators.  Laura died in York, Ontario, Canada in 1927.  Her brother, Clarence, gave the information for her death there.  He stated she’d been there 2 weeks before she died.  Edward died the following year in Blackman, Jackson, Michigan at the International Order of Odd Fellows Home there.  That’s fitting, I think.  The information for his death was taken from records at the Home, no person is named.  It states he’d been living in that place for over 6 years.  Were he and Laura together for those years?  Did she make a trip to Canada to see family and die there unexpectedly?  Had they separated?  I have so many questions I’d love to find the answers to but probably never will.