Kathryn Isabelle Clark Fillmore Porter

January 20, 2016 in Allied Families, Brick Walls, Find A Grave, Lyons, Uncategorized

I created a Find A Grave memorial for Kathryn Clark, spelling it Catherine and giving her the middle name of Arabell, using Find A Grave’s template for creating a grave for a person for whom you have no place or date of death, just because I wanted closure for her.  She and Louisa Clark were sisters of Mary Jane Clark Wilder, the wife of my great-grandmother’s brother.  I have been able to track down all information on Mary Jane’s siblings except for these two.  Unlike Louisa, I was able to find Belle, as she was called, in marriage and census records, but I lost Belle after the 1940 census where she was living with Mary Jane’s daughter, Bertha Finch, in Florida.  Yesterday an edit for a correction for Belle’s FAG memorial was sent to my email which gave her death information.  To say I was happy would be a vast understatement.  What surprised me was that I’d almost found it when I was documenting Belle’s son’s death.  Marion H Fillmore died in Orlando, Florida in 1927.  His mother was the informant for his life information.  It turns out that Belle was cremated by the same funeral home in Florida and she is also listed in their online records.  I looked for her in them when I found his, but the records aren’t indexed and I didn’t know exactly when she died, so I gave up after a couple of hours.  But she was there.

I like wrapping up loose ends in research.  Now I need to find out when Agnes Hornbeck Lyons died…